Monday, July 16, 2012

Wedding Week: Day Two:

And so the mountains of Breckenridge are much cooler than the Flint Hills of Kansas.  49 degrees vs 101 degrees.  Guess where I am happy to be?

The bride-to-be is happy and relaxed, and let me tell you, this must make all the difference in the world of Wedding Week.  The Maid of Honor (her older sister, by a year) is smiling and organizing her sister in spite of her jet lag from just having flown in from China.

We three went "fun" shopping today, after breakfasting at a locals' hangout cafe, and before lunching at another locals' hangout cafe.

This evening I hit the grocery store in what will be a series of trips, I anticipate.  I/we/I/we are doing the reception food our/my/our/selves.  Most people I share that information with reply with a daunting exclamation of some sort.  And I look at them, and think, "What is so difficult about this?"  And as I replied to one person:  It's not ME, per se. Anyone who comes through that door will be handed a melon baller and told to "Go wild."

And here are today's photos, Wedding Week, Day Two:

It snowed this afternoon:
After the rain and snow, what did the Bride-to-Be and her Maid of Honor do?

They went running, of course.

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Louise Plummer said...

It's not just preparing the food, it's the planning, the shopping, the sheer organization of it. Some of us find that completely daunting. I do.

I do love a good wedding party, though. And I adore having family around. Cheers!

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