Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wedding Week: Day Three

Today is a quiet day for this mother of the bride.  I had a good excuse to stay at home all day and stare out  at the mountains.  On Sunday morning as I was driving round and round Denver's airport circle, I received a flurry of phone calls from people involved with this Saturday's wedding

My future son-in-law's was by far the funniest.  He had left Washington, DC,  (driving to Colorado), and did not discover until having driven through West Virginia that he had left his wallet in D.C.  Bless his heart - not only does he need his wallet for wedding and honeymoon and all else, he needs it particularly to get the marriage license before Saturday.  Heh heh.  This one will go down in the family archives.  

So the wallet is being overnighted to us.  I am staying at the house to make sure the package does not require a signature.  The bride and her sister the maid of honor spent the morning hours hiking in the mountains.  And this afternoon they are out acquiring odds and ends for a week of family and friends.

 Here are the sisters, donning traditional Tibetan outfits that Gillian brought back from China.  (Note:  US Customs made her really mad when they confiscated her yak jerky.)

Gillian teaching Claire a traditional Tibetan dance:
I spoke to a friend on the phone this afternoon, and she asked if I had checked the forecast for Saturday.  Heck, no, I have not.  What difference will it make, what the forecast says?  We  can't change the weather.

We hope our day will look like this:
 But if it looks like this, well, they're still getting married and we're still going to celebrate.
 And finally, you must look at the photo below and then click on



Louise Plummer said...

Well, this made my day. My sisters and I still sing that song, but seeing Mitzi Gaynor, Rosemary Clooney, Bing Crosby and Danny Kay go at it was exhilarating.

CHD said...

I love an Armstrong Wedding! So sensible having a quiet day and practicing Tibetian dancing.
And, I too, wouldn't bother checking the weather. My Huz, on the other hand would, unsolicited, give me regualar updates.

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