Friday, July 13, 2012

Mother-Son Chats, and More

Lord have mercy, it is 8:00 pm and still 95º outside with a kabillion % humidity.  My banana trees are crisping up!

The College Boy came home from work this evening, WHOA!  I should preface this by explaining what work he is doing, because it is pretty interesting!  (To me, his source of university tuition).  He is working for an engineering firm this summer that specializes in fire protection and such.  Fire evacuations, fire protection, fire whatever  (Hey - I am not an employee, and as such, not privy to all the software goings-on in that company.)  What he has told me is brief - maybe because of privacy, and maybe because he would rather go run 10 miles after work in the evening instead of talking to Mom, the Source of Tuition.)  Two things of interest (to me) this week:  the company has dealings w/ a Dubai company, who rejected the initial software from this company, because the females portrayed in their fire evacuation were deemed "uncovered".   So this USA company had to go back and cover up the female evacuees in the software video.  And then, there is an Israeli customer, who wanted the people in the software shown as wearing Israeli military uniforms.  I suppose that's not an out-of-the-ordinary request.  Interesting, though. 

So the College Boy came home from work this evening, as I was packing my car with wedding hoo-hah.  I said, "I am leaving in the morning for Denver."  And he replied, "I only know that because I overheard you talking on the phone with someone else."  I had to laugh!  Where has this boy been, the past three weeks he has been home?!

And then, he and I got on the subject (heaven knows why) of painkillers.  Aspirin vs Acetaminophen vs Motrin vs whatever.  I remarked to him, as I have mentioned to all physicians, nurses, and family members for upwards of twenty years, even post-partum:  "Anything besides aspirin gives me out-of-body experiences.  It's like all of a sudden, my soul hops out of my body!"

"Anything besides aspirin gives me out-of-body experiences."

The College Boy replied, "Well, I know that Motrin and such can cause a sudden spike of high blood pressure...?

He looked at me.

I looked at him.

REALLY?!  Does he mean to say, for the past twenty years, not one  physician has suggested that my "out-of-body" experiences might be simple spikes of high blood pressure?!

I always thought my soul might be fleeing to safer ground or something.

Thank goodness for College Boys.  Yep.

And - I'll stick with the rare use of aspirin.  I have few painkiller needs.

And I abhor those out--of-body experiences.

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