Saturday, January 07, 2012

Fun Stuff!

One of our kids is getting married! This is fun stuff!

Our second child, College Grad Claire, is engaged and getting married sometime this summer!

That Spouse o' Mine and I met her Betrothed years before they actually got together. Funny (kind of horrible, too) story: That Spouse o' Mine and I were corner-marshalling during a collegiate cycling crit race. The collegiate racers flew through our corner, into the next road, and beyond. Our corner was buttressed with hay bales and such.

Nevertheless, there was ONE cyclist who managed to wipe out on our corner. On our watch. I was horrified. It looked bad. This cyclist got up after his really bad skid across the tarmac and kept going. I felt ill.


After the race ended, the cyclist unknown to that Spouse o' Mine and me approached us both, and asked, "Do you know what happened just before I wiped out?"

Heck, no, we did not.

A year or so later, did we know what happened just as he met our daughter?

Heck, no, we do not.

But we are happy with the engagement!

Claire and her fiancé, Richard Shurtz

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