Thursday, February 11, 2010


Three kids, except they're not kids anymore.  But they will be the subjects of today's post.  My life of late has been a little slow in ANY of life's subcategories; social, physical, literary, my gosh, what is my life coming to??!!! and my life of late sure does pale in comparison to those Twentysomethings, and the College Freshman.

We'll start with him - the College Freshman.  He goes to school 50 miles (or, 82 km, if you are a Canuck) from Vancouver.  What does that say to you?  It says Winter Olympics!   And to him, too!  One of his instructors gave him a list of free events/festivities in Vancouver. The College Freshman plans to spend the next two weekends in Vancouver.  Good for him!  He intends to go to the French Quarter, and FINALLY all those years of French may (or may not...) pay off!

On another College Freshman note, a few weeks ago he was running the mile in a track meet in Seattle.  The winning time was 3:59.  How can that be?!  That is a sprint!  If I were in that race, I would be lapped 3 TIMES before I finished the first lap.  So, so depressing...   The College Freshman?  Well, suffice to say, he's running with the big dogs now.

Ok, since we're on the subject of speed, let's launch into speed cycling, and the lack thereof.  Today was nearly a glorious day (45 degrees, maybe? and no wind!), so this afternoon I donned all my cold weather bike gear and hopped on my bike and headed west.  Pedaling like the wicked witch.  Or so it felt.  Actually, I was really, REALLY slow, my first time out in months and months.  (That's my excuse.  Leave me alone.)  A few days ago Daughter #2 called and told me that she held 28 mph for 4 miles on her bike ride.  My average today was half that!!!   So, so depressing...

Daughter # 2 called this afternoon and asked me if I had talked to Daughter #1?  (Daughter #1 has moved to Atlanta for an internship this semester.)   Well, we keep in touch with emails, so I knew A) She went to a party in Atlanta on Saturday.  B) She fed the homeless yesterday.  C) She is at a museum fundraiser this evening.  D) The outdoor adventure club she joined (her first night in Atlanta) is doing a service project this weekend with horses - her element, exactly.  I would guess that Daughter #1 is doing OK in her new environment.

OK, OK:  What have you done lately?

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xpda said...

28mph with the wind or against it?

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