Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Groundhog Day

From the sounds of it, all the furry little prognosticators around North America saw their shadows this morning.  Six more weeks of winter fun!  If this is the case, then I still have time to attend to my list of:

Fun Winter Activities I Will Enjoy in the Winter of 2009-10:
  1. Hike the Konza Prairie in the snow.
  2. Haul (by sled) buckets-upon-buckets of water through the snow to the outdoors animals.  (This became easier once the luge track iced up nicely.) 
  3. Climb Mount Mitchell in the winter.
  4. Take pretty pictures of frosted window panes.
  5. Study the science of avalanches.
  6.  Walk 7.5 miles on above-freezing afternoons.
  7. Ride my bike on trainer in living room for miles and miles.  Or hours and hours.
  8. Quilt.
  9. Tend to my knitting.
  10. Take Zumba lessons.
  11. Study Spanish.
  12. Play the cello.
  13. Review the fine art of curling.
  14. Get to know the US Olympic Hockey Team players' names.
  15. Continue nurturing the 8 banana trees overwintering in our home.
  16. ...
  17. ...
  18. ...
Given that I have 6 more weeks of winter, I can probably tack on some more fun activities.

Oh, by the way - this is too good to be true:
Winter fun in Onatrio
More winter...tomorrow!

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