Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Winter Games!

Today was another cold and blustery day here in Wabaunsee.  About an hour before dark I pulled on my snowmobile suit.  Having no snowmobile and, currently, no snow, this may be a misnomer.  But I donned all the requisite warm stuff and headed out to our barn.  I checked the water tanks to make sure the de-icers were doing their jobs, put fresh shavings in the horses' stalls (and one of them immediately lay down and rolled in his - he LOVES fresh shavings!), and began setting feed out in their feed pans.  I laid out new salt blocks and glanced at the round bales, and then, after all was done, I sat down in a stall doorway to watch the moonrise and enjoy the last hour of daylight.  (You Pony Clubbers do not email me about sitting in a stall doorway: the horses are fed out in the pasture, not in their stalls.) 

The horses finished their feed and one of them ambled over to where I was sitting.  I immediately stood up in the doorway and continued to silently listen to the sounds of dusk and watch the moon continue its climb.  The horses kept casting a glance out to the creek (about 1/4 mile away), and I remarked to myself that they probably saw some coyote movement or other.  Horses can see great distances, and they also have great night vision.  If one observes a horse's gaze, he can often see things he would ordinarily miss.

All of a sudden, there was movement just on the other side of the now two horses who were enjoying my company by the barn.  It was still daylight, and a beautiful red fox trotted across the barn yard, perhaps only 15 yards on the other side of the horses!  He was so beautiful.  He couldn't see me - I was blocked by a 1500-lb pony.  I watched him for some time, and when he finally looked like he might go visit our ducks near the house, I softly called out "Foxy Loxy" (because what else would I call out, I ask you?), and he looked at the horses and ran back towards the creek. 

Here is a great clip of a fox out doing his daily work:
 Fox Hunt:

More winter...tomorrow!


Gill said...

So THAT'S what they hunt under the snow?? The Fermi Fox hunts in the snow like that too! I hope Irakli can get a picture of it sometime.

twebsterarmstrong said...

Ha ha! The Fermi-Fox is looking for fast-moving particles under the snow!

xpda said...

The fermi fox wouldn't have to look for fast moving particles if they wouldn't accelerate them so much.

Jim said...

That is one cool video!

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