Friday, September 11, 2009

The Cello Update:

Ok, so I am aware that my family is awash with music critics. Four - count them: FOUR generations of people who think they are in The Know of music, be it classical, jazz, operatic, or WHATEVER. We People seem to think We Know.

I honestly did not think this musical opinion filtered down to the next generation, but this afternoon, I was smacked in the forehead with the realization of such.

Daughter #2, Claire, and her boyfriend came out to our house this afternoon. After a brief visit of How are classes and My, you look pretty banged-up after that motorcycle ran your bike off the road (the BF), I thought it an excellent opportunity to give an impromptu cello recital to Daughter #2, Claire, who has played cello for upwards of 7 years. (Those of you who are just joining this blog...I began cello lessons 2 months ago, after I realized A) I very nearly had an empty nest , and B) I had a cello in my possession. And a pretty good one, at that!)

So...recital began:
Once in Royal David's City (yes, I KNOW it's a Christmas song, and yes, I KNOW I began learning it a month ago; but things change, often for the better...)

I was playing along, concentrating on my dynamics and such, when I cast a glance at Daughter # 2, Claire: She was SMIRKING! No, that's not right at all; it was more of a a grimace mixed with a smirk. Yep - that's it: a grimace: 70%, smirk: 30%. And funnily, at the time, all I saw was my Great Aunt Alpha's expression. How could this be, that 4 generations have passed, and my daughter who barely knows Great Aunt Alpha (103 years old) can exhibit the SAME emotions on her face?! And besides: how DARE her grimace at my art?

Adding fuel to my withering egotistical fire (which was now burning out of control), the Boyfriend pipes up with, "Is that Baa Baa Blacksheep?"

Stay tuned.

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Gill said...

Hahaha! I still haven't heard you play.

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