Sunday, May 08, 2016

May 8th. Mother's Day and more...

This weekend for me started on Friday, bright and early. I had many lavender propagations to get into the ground before A) the rain came , and B) before I headed south to Oklahoma, Pryor Creek, exactly, to celebrate mother's Day with my Mom and Dad.

I got up early, with the sunrise, and I made myself a thermos of coffee.  Then I beckoned one dog and three cats to follow me out to the lavender.  Although, I simplify their animal vocabulary by calling anything out of the range of our yard, "Pasture!"


She had been awaiting her call:

She was distraught about being up there doing who-knows-what, and she mewed and mewed up on the rooftop the entire time I was planting lavender:

Hands-and-knees, I crawled along the rows, trying to get those plants in before my planned 2:00 pm departure time, to drive to Pryor Creek.  I did have 20 minutes to spare (kid you not!), and I lay down on the sofa with the kitchen timer on, in case I lapsed into a coma nap.

I did not!  I got up, and drove five hours down to Mom & Dad's house.

Happy mother's Day!  (Early)

At my Mom and Dad's we had fun family stop in all along the afternoon hours.  I think we three (Mom,Dad, and I) all tried to sneak in a catnap between visitors, but all for naught, and that was OK, for sure!

It was a great time, for all.

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Gillian said...

Julia and Biserka are so funny!

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