Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Year Ago

A year ago, that Spouse o' Mine told me that he was planning to go to an agricultural meeting in Istanbul, Turkey.  Did I want to come along?

Well, hell yeah, I wanted to come along.  I made plans.  I budgeted for my air fare.  I studied Turkey, world history, and more importantly, Istanbul.

Then , through the past year, the Syrian war and ISIS and other programs have caused a whole lot of turmoil in Turkey - mainly in the southern border.  (Google it, PLEASE?)  

Because of this, about eight weeks before our trip, I opted out of my dream trip with that Spouse o' Mine.  Too much unknown?  He would be in meetings, and I, who loves to explore on my lonesome, would perhaps be in the perilous parts of Istanbul.

And then, only three weeks before our departure, there was a suicide bomber in a "tourist market" area of Istanbul, which killed a lot of people.

That Spouse o' Mine is in Istanbul as I type, for almost one more week.  He calls me each day.  I have admonished him NOT to go to any "tourist" market or other.  Go to meetings and then back to the hotel.  (I don't think he is following my directives, but at least he is not telling me such.)

And that is my April, 2016.

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Louise Plummer said...

I think I would have made the same decision, but I'd be pretty sad about it. My worst scenario is being kidnapped and beheaded.

Have you read Orhan Pamuk's MY NAME IS RED? It's a whole historical Turkish education in a novel.

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