Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Picket Chronicles: That Was Problematic...

Well.  We've come to a point (notice that it's "we" now, and not "I"?) where that Spouse o' Mine is setting the posts for my gate.  This morning I primed and painted the last little things.  Now, I wait for his posts to go in.  This evening, I suggested that he show me how to start the giant rototiller, (hereafter, known as The Beast...), so that I could till and start planting my tulips and daffodils tonight.

Sometimes things happen so quickly.  People act astonished and say, "It was all a blur!"

That is exactly what happened this evening when I accidentally ran The Beast right into and nearly right over the new picket fence.  Wowee.  That was a blur.  All but the moment where that Spouse o' Mine was behind me, yelling in my ear, "LET GO!  LET GO!"  The Beast had already climbed to the top of the fence.

One would have thought he could have mentioned "letting go" before I went off to till my cutting garden.

This autumn project is lingering just a little too long.

1 comment:

Louise Plummer said...

"Let go!" is what they yelled when I ran the Honda scooter over the curb.

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