Friday, October 16, 2015


October.  It should be a month of color, and crisp.  Crisp, colored leaves on the ground - that's it!

But it's been a month of drought.  No color on the trees - no green, red, yellow OR orange.  There is no chlorophyll-breakdown by which to make the beautiful colors; the leaves are falling off the trees because THEY HAVE NO MOISTURE.  They are falling off because of drought, not autumn.

I have been running and bike riding up & down our country roads.  They're like talcum powder.  A car or truck passes, and the cloud stays in the air for long, long minutes.  I carry a handkerchief tucked into my running or cycling shorts, and sport the cattle-rustler's bandana look, over my nose and mouth, if a vehicle passes me on the road.

On a more-cheerful note, I called a friend this week, told her to pack a sack lunch to work, and I would pick her up at noon.  We picnicked at the K-State Gardens, which was very nice.  Nice for me to socialize with a long-time friend, and nice for her to get out of her office and into  garden for an hour.

After lunch, I went to the K-State Police Department to file a missing bike report.

This is so irritating.

That Spouse o' Mine and I have several bikes.  We happily loan our extra bikes out to anyone who may need a bike, or may express an interest in cycling.  This summer, that Spouse o' Mine was out on a group ride, and there was a new grad student, fresh from Ecuador, who was riding in the group.  Later, that Spouse o' Mine remarked that her bike was "really crappy".  I replied, "Well, loan her my Panasonic, if she is interested."

She was, and so we did.  Fast-forward to the end of summer, when she was to return to Ecuador.  She neglected to return the bike back to us, but rather, left it in the care of a neighbor at the university apartments.  Two days later, said neighbor noticed that the bike was missing from its bike rack. (Hello?  No lock???)

Since then I have traveled the internet highway, Craigslist, our many local cycling networks, the pawn shops, and finally, I am filing my reports with our police departments.  I have been told that most likely this bike is GONE.  Period.  Most likely to a pawn shop.  GONE.

What does this mean to me?  Frustration, but little else.  I was always so happy to be able to loan a bike out to someone, to encourage someone.  I always want to share cycling with anyone, and enable anyone.  But, if we don't get that bike back...I suppose that is one less thought and worry for me.

* sigh *  

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