Sunday, February 08, 2015

Neurotic Dog

Such a nice February weekend!  It enabled me to do a lot of outdoor things that needed addressing.  And, that Spouse o' Mine and I went on two pretty good bike rides.  Pretty good.

I have been working and working on an "unescapable" dog fence for our Bouvier.  This is Biserka and me, a couple of years ago, on a REALLY cold walk down our road:

Biserka, always a neurotic, needy canine, has become something of a talented escape artist whenever we leave her in the care of our very, very patient neighbor, Melissa.  You see, if we go out of town, or the neighbors go out of town we reciprocate animal care for one another.  Biserka is not a nice dog.  She has that Bouvier instinct to guard.  And that's not a bad thing out here in rural Kansas. But Biserka has not grasped the concept of "Be nice to the hand that feeds you."  And so, in our absence and in Melissa's care, Biserka gets to spend her time in the dog yard.  As opposed to our 15 acres of free-range.

Now, don't get the wrong assumption: Biserka is spending time in an area larger than many back yards, plus she has the full run of the broad side of our barn. 

But she hates the confinement anyway, and I have never grasped the research on how dogs measure time, but I can tell you, Biserka notices when I put a suitcase in the back of my car and she starts spazzing.  So who knows how much worry is going through her mind in our absence.

I think/hope that I have successfully secured the dog yard.  I put nutcase Biserka in there this afternoon, and she is already depressed.  I went so far as to take an Adirondack chair out there and have my post-bike ride coffee with ol' Biserka. 

She refused to come over to my side of the yard.  She is pouting and panicking.

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Melissa G said...

Oh, poor thing! You know, she's never actually bitten me. Just put her mouth around my hand a couple of times. And I carry a stick. She'll be fine if she escapes the pen. As long as she stays inside your 15 acres. I'm not sure how I would convince her to go back inside the fence if she gets out.

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