Thursday, February 05, 2015

A Funny Amongst Friends

There is a funeral in our church tomorrow.  We are a congregation which serves funeral luncheons if requested.  I think this is a very important service in a church.  Believing such, I provide as often as I can.

I was talking to my good friend Susan, who is also the funeral luncheon coordinator. I mentioned that I would be signing up (online, because we are all about New Millennium technology) for a soup. A vegetarian soup, in fact.  She replied, probably without thought because we are great friends, "OK, but don't make it too weird."  I DIED laughing.  DIED.  

Why? Because I, and the other four members of my immediate family love cooking, love food, and love exploring the agriculture and horticulture of the world.  We don't do it for shock value.  We travel, and we embrace cultures, and we are curious outside the meat and potato and pizza society.     

No one who reads this post should take umbrage at this, my friend's and my exchange.  I loved and laughed that a friend of mine felt comfortable enough to say something like this.  It's just like something my sister Barb and I would have tossed back and forth.

Oh - and my soup?  Tomorrow it's going to be a Roasted Red Pepper Soup with Corn and Rice.

Not too weird.


Gillian said...

That sounds delicious!

I'm glad for all the "weird" foods we eat.

Melissa G said...

Yes! And how do you know you don't like something until you try it? I had a lovely West African soup the other day at People's Grocery. It was delicious!

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