Tuesday, November 18, 2014


I am heading out west tomorrow. 

My perpetually-packed bag is ready to go.  Why do I keep a perpetually-packed bag?  It just makes life easier.  In it, I have any toiletries, aspirin, socks & undies, jammies, sunscreen and hat, a small pillow, a great hairbrush, a swimsuit, a couple of small books, my small King James Version Bible, my "hotel slippers", some chocolate, miso soup, and other sundry items.  Into this perpetually-packed bag, I throw whatever clothes will fit the bill of the clime to which I am travelling. 

Heck, though: what do I throw in tonight?  This morning it was 7*.  Coat, hat, mittens, turtleneck, snowboots, for tomorrow's Ccccold sunrise.  And then, lighter, yet-still wintery apparel.  And finally?  I don't know.  A t-shirt?

Well, whatever.  As that Spouse o' Mine once said, "There's a Wal Mart in every city."

So, stay tuned.  It's going to be a whirlwind of a trip, I kid you not.

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Louise Plummer said...

Bon Voyage!

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