Monday, November 17, 2014

We Love the Animalia

Out here in rural Kansas a few years ago, after some sad feline losses, there seemed a need to fill those losses - both with happy kitty acquisitions, and some "we-need-some-serious-mousers".

I perused the Petfinder Ads: 

Loads, LOADS of animals.  (Note: we have acquired many GREAT pets from this site.  Do yourself a favor and check it out before you look for the perfect purebred puppy mill.) 

And so, I saw an ad for a kitty cat not too far from our home.  She was needing a new home soon.  Her owner was in hospice care, and was searching for new homes for her multitude of cats.

Online, the owner told me she was an outdoor cat, and online, I responded that I would take her.

Sight unseen.  Thinking: Mouser

I went and collected said kitty-cat.  She was so old, even back then.  She walks like an Egyptian.  (Sorry: only 90s Steve Martin fans will enjoy.)  But we love her.  We did not love her name, Squeaker, and we did not love her never-ending Squeak about food or water or PET ME!!!

Now, Poor old Squeaker has no lower teeth.  She still walks like an Egyptian.  She wants to play, and play, we do.  She drools a lot.  Is this from lack of teeth??  She sleeps a lot. 

We love old Squeaker.  What is her history?  Who knows. 

If you have time in your life, think about your access, your wants and needs.   Elder animals are THE BEST.  And they deserve it.


Melissa G said...

Yes, good old Squeaker! She's a sweetie. As is our Old Lady Cat, Butterball. She never wants to play, however. Just eat and sleep.

Mike said...

"Walk like an Egyptian" was the Bangles.

Steve Martin did "kind Tut."

Two of my personal favs.

Mike said...

kind Tut = King Tut

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