Thursday, July 24, 2014

Manhattan Women's Thursday Rides

Last summer a cycling friend, Diane, organized a women's bike ride during the summer months.  It was a hit!  We slacked off during August, heat being what it is, and we called the cycling season good.

This summer, Diane once again organized the group.  I help out by posting notices on Facebook.  This morning's ride held ten cyclists: a group of women who run the spectrum of life: Teachers, self-employed (that would be me), grad student, minister, physician, and more.  What a fun group.  We enjoy the camaraderie of riding and learning about each other.  Would I call us all close friends?  No.  We're fun sporty friends, the ones we can share the outdoors and funny anecdotes with.  We tell funny stories on our rides, as well as discuss politics and civic news.  Just a fun time to be had by all.

We are hoping to keep the group going at least through the autumn months: what a great time to ride!

On another note, this one quite bucolic:

That Spouse o' Mine came home and I was out watering things.  I called to him, and then I said, "I hear sheep."

"Sheep?" he replied.

"Yes.  Sheep.  I hear sheep.  Baa-aaah" 

And that is where we left it.

Well.  Fast-forward an hour, and I thought I heard a call to prayer, Moslem-style, from a high minaret.  "This cannot be,"  I thought to myself.  How can I hear sheep and then a call to prayer?  I am not in the Middle East (although I follow the goings-on like a native.)

Just after I heard what I thought was a call to prayer, my neighbor Barb came round our corner with a pickup and a trailer carrying - YES! - a lamb.  The lamb was not at all happy to be going to the County Fair tonight.  Baaa-aaaah!

Somehow, from the 2nd floor, this bleating sounded like Call to Prayer which I came to embrace back our Egypt days.

And that's all I have. 

Tomorrow's temps are forecast around 108º.  I am not amused.

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