Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It's Time

Here it is, a week after Labor Day.  White pants and white shoes packed away, school buses seen driving down the lane in meager sunrise shadows, the universities have begun their fall semesters.

But...it was 103º yesterday.  What the heck?!  Where's autumn?  I spent the day watering every crispy-looking plant outdoors this morning.  25 mph winds in this temperature have a way of browning the edges of everything in one measly afternoon.

After weeks of looking at our bedroom, thinking, "This isn't working for us.", I attacked every nook and cranny of our not-palatial master bedroom, and threw everything but the four pieces of furniture out into the living room or mudroom.  And I started with a tabula rasa: a blank slate.

I collected too many little-worn pairs of shoes to mention, which are now bound for Goodwill.  (This, after my epiphany this spring that my feet are much more comfortable in size 8 than size 7.5.  Too bad, because I love my shoes!)  I am sick and tired of summer, and summer duds, and so most of them, too, have been sent away, upstairs to the art room closet.  (Which IS palatial.)  I polished my leather winter boots (because I can feel it!  Snow is just around the corner!).  I still have some bits and pieces to deal with in the bedroom, but I feel like I did a lion's share of home improvement in there today.

Several people have asked me recently when College Boy Graham was heading back to school.  In that Western Washington does not start until Sep 25th, I replied, "Oh, in about two weeks, I think."  Tonight when he came home from work I asked him.

"I think I will leave on Monday."

"Monday?  In 6 days?"

"Yes.  The 16th."

"But...I'm not mentally prepared.  I'm not sure I can be in 6 days."


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Melissa said...

I see a trip to Goodwill in my near future...ha ha! Like I need more shoes. I am SO ready for fall to get here, too! There's a wonderful pair of cognac leather boots in my closet just crying out to be worn.

I understand not being ready for your boy to leave. But it will be OK, really.

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