Monday, September 02, 2013

Cranberry Biz

This was one facet of my travel to Massachusetts: 
Ocean Spray has cranberry bogs.  (You know: Craisins?)  We have fruit-testing instruments that the cranberry folk are curious about.  So I packed three instruments into the car and off we went: to the Ocean Spray cranberry headquarters.  Interesting, and fun!

It was a rainy day...very appropriate for bog investigation: 
(That Spouse o' Mine and daughter Gillian)
The cranberries are just beginning to turn their seasonal red color.  In about three weeks, the cranberry season (harvest) begins.  This bog is one of many in the acreage surrounding the Ocean Spray headquarters.  The ground on the bog (across the ditch, here) is really quite spongey.  It is decades-old, built-up peat.   I did not take a photo, but the cranberries are thick - about 1-3 every square inch of the peat bog.

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