Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Bluebirds

We have had bluebirds overwintering this year.
I've never noticed them in past winters.
I decided that we should acquire some houses,
and become bluebird ranchers.

Bluebird houses are expensive!

So I went out and bought three cedar boards.
I emailed some houseplans to that Spouse o' Mine.
He cut the boards for me. And the door holes.
After I finished putting the houses together,
I read something on the bottom of the plans:
Put holes on the top for aeration,
and holes in the bottom for drainage.
Given my fine nailing skills,
the bluebirds won't have to worry about fresh air or drainage.

The cats checked out the action possibilities.
And there you are:
A bluebird house every 100 yards, around our pasture.

1 comment:

Claire Hilary said...

How fun! They look good!!

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