Friday, June 18, 2010


I am a tough girl in most respects. I can walk, run, swim, ski, XC ski, bike 50 miles on my 50th birthday, climb a name it - I am usually game enough to try.

This heat business, though. When I am standing in line to pay for things in a garden center and SUDDENLY I have a mood swing the likes of, oh, say, Mt. St. Helens two decades back, then I suspect my system has gone awry. But, no, I climb into my car and the thermometer reads in the TRIPLE DIGITS and I feel a wee bit justified.

Then I head to a grocery store where everyone seems to be moving in SLO-MO, except for me, because in my head, the music is playing Let's Get This Party Going (and in my head, that means get the stuff and get outta here!!!!) and I feel like ramming every single one of those slowpokes SMACK in the rear so that they get the message: move LOTS faster or get out the the way, bucko!

Where did my snow go? And my sleet? The darkened afternoons?

Methinks this might be a slow and painful summer.

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Gill said...

Next time you head to Hob Lob, take a stroll down the Thanksgiving aisle which is already stocked up and I'm sure it'll give you happy thoughts of winter... then in July, when it's really sweltering, they'll have Christmas ready for you to get excited about!

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