Saturday, January 26, 2019

Winter, Winter, Mud

This week has been winter, winter, winter.  I have been loving it.  The snow, the XC skiing, the cozy soup nights...

And then, this morning, something happened.  Uh-oh: cabin fever.  I couldn't get off the sofa.  I read.  FOR HOURS.  I did menial tasks and then would return to the sofa for another hour.  I am reading a book, (about Napoleon), but I also read the Washington Post, Architectural Digest, The New Yorker, many online sites, and the list goes on.  And on.  Too many hours.  What's up with that?

Well, it might have had to do with the somewhat warmer temperature today.  All week it has been well below freezing.  Lots to do outdoors, if one is so inclined: XC ski, fill and refill bird feeders and suet feeders ad infinitum, play with two dogs that DO NOT WANT to be indoor dogs.  (So...dogs need human interaction or they quickly become naughty dogs.  Either they come in for socialization, or we humans go out for socialization.  The dogs opted for outdoors, and since we humans can't abide by the canine stank they bring in, we are happy to acquiesce on this note.)  Then there's the cheerful chiminea, and the willow tree which split in half in last week's ice storm, and the snow that's needing shoveling...

But today was warmer, and glimmer into what's to come later this week: Mud Season: Episode 1.  Already, Lucy Dog, a 95-lb long-haired German Shepherd is sporting the muddy underside, tail, and whole legs of black mud.  She looks like some other dog than our own.  She is happy as a clam.

In Mud Week: Episode 1, I have a mental barrier about going outdoors.  To do anything.  Hence, my day's restraint on doing anything out in the yard.  Pooh.

Here's a happy note:
Snow-lovin' Lucy

Snow lovin' Julia, hiking in my XC ski tracks


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