Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Twilight Swims

In the summers here in rural Kansas, I enjoy going to two different pools for swimming on any given day.  At noon, I can go to a lap swim at the local, really-rural pool, which is offered for only 45 minutes.  That means I can go and swim like a salmon upstream, to get my laps in.  Or, I can loll in the cool and look neither at watch nor fingers (how I track my laps!) and get that noon-time sun/Vitamin D intake that our physicians abhor.

Or I can go to the larger town's Twilight Swim, from 6:00 - beyond.  I love this time of day at the pool!  There are families, kids, teens, lap swimmers - you name it.  All good fun.  This place, like other cities nowdays, has a whole complex of waterworks to entice the community: lap swimming, a deep diving well, a splash pad (for toddlers), a Lazy river (I am not sure), another place for wannabe surfers or some sort?  Suffice to say, it's a fun place to enjoy active humanity in July.  Even the name is enticing.

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