Sunday, February 04, 2018


It's our 34th Anniversary today!

I was making a tiramisu for that Spouse o' Mine's birthday yesterday, but neglected to acquire the required Nutella.  So the birthday tiramisu evolved into a 34th Anniversary dessert.

But then life (snow) happened, and when I got back from my XC ski afternoon, and subsequent long phone conversation with a friend from an old (albeit it sweet) chapter of my life, I embarked on the Anniversary tiramisu.

Whoa.  It calls for an overnight?  What?

And so, tonight, he and I are having pasta and homemade chocolate chip cookies.  The cookies are just something I did this afternoon on a whim, thinking to myself, I want chocolate chip cookies, and when was the last time anyone in this household made chocolate chip cookies, and why has it been so ding-dong long?!  Something like that...

So that Spouse o' Mine and I have been acknowledging our anniversary throughout the day, with hugs and sweet kisses and remembrances.  And red roses.  A big ol' bouquet.  Yes.  A good day all-around.

Here is something I read about the Olympic luge team.  It does also so describe a wild ride of decades of our love and partnership together:

Luge riders hurtle down a slippery ice track at great speed, relying on reflexes for steering.  Unlike bobsleigh however,  they have no protection should they make an error.

We have made errors, we have hurtled, to be sure, but at Thirty-four, we are gold medalists.

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