Friday, September 09, 2016

The Barnetts: Thank You, Educators. Thank You.

I just saw an old photo that a classmate from my elementary school posted on Facebook.  (This is why, to me Facebook is relevant and enjoyable: I would never have a photo remembrance of one of my favorite teachers and grade school principle, were it not for Facebook.)

It shows a young student (Scott Bradshaw) receiving an award from Mr. Barnett:

Mr. Barnett!  I did love and respect that man.  He was my 6th Grade teacher, but also my Jefferson Grade School principal.  He was awesome.  He was either Cherokee or Choctaw.  He blended/mainstreamed some of his Indian heritage into our everyday lessons.  Our classroom included many native American Indian students, and he made a very conscious point to draw them out in conversations regarding their homes, their heritage, and their thoughts on...anything!

His wife, Mrs. Barnett, was my high school counselor.  She was so welcoming.  Too, she was instrumental in my receiving a college scholarship to Oklahoma State University.  And for that, I am ever so grateful, as, too, I am sure my parents were.  After all, I was #5 in the Webster OSU tuition line.

This is just a very, very happy remembrance from my childhood.  Mr. & Mrs. Barnett played a key role in it.

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Gillian said...

Such a nice story! And what a fun photo to see.

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