Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Kansas Today: Ugh.

Well, the wind was pretty awful today, starting out at 25 mph, and heading on up to 45 mph gusts.  Ours was the type of late afternoon that leaves one looking for sturdy shelter.  But before we could do that, we had tasks hand: animals to deal with, a couple of cars to park in the barn, (more on that), move plants indoors (more on that), and a general battening down of the hatches.  Really.

It was warm today and is warm this evening.  There is a blizzard barreling down the interstate today, from west-to-east, leaving a large section of Kansas closed off to major thoroughfare.  A sudden drop in our temperatures (70º to 35º?) is a recipe for hail.  (Hence, the barn-cleaning)

I have a number of lavender plants that I have propagated over the winter.  I set them out two weeks ago, to get acclimated to springtime in Kansas.  Tonight I will bring them back in to the house for the remainder of the week, since the forecast calls for lows into the 20s.  I should have known.

Down south in the state, firefighters are working on an uncontrolled fire, which has burned through 70,000 acres so far.  Closer to home, there is a fire some 20-30 miles from us, but let me tell you: the smoke is right here, right now, and I am most uncomfortable, even in the house.  I would like to turn on the AC to see if that might help, but...with a potential blizzard only hours away, would this be prudent?

Oh - and the Kansas legislature is making national news every week, and nearly every day.  So proud of the folks in Topeka.  And, no, I did not vote for those knuckleheads, any of them.

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Louise Plummer said...

All politicians seem like knuckleheads right now. Geez, Louise.

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