Sunday, February 21, 2016

Weekend Morning

Saturday morning appeared with pinks and what I call "swimming pool greens" in the sky.  I was up and at 'em just before sunrise.  By 7:00 am, I was ready to head out on a bike ride.  Trouble was that the temperature was low, just as the wind speed.  If one can make that comparison.

We local women have a Facebook page to post when anyone is planning a bike ride.  There are upwards of 80-90 of us women cyclists (or purported cyclists, cyclist wannabes, and maybe some on the list that just enjoy living vicariously through the rest of us).  (EDIT:  I just checked our numbers, and we are 106 female cyclists!)  We keep this FB page for a couple of reasons: comradery, and safety.  Firstly, it's great fun to ride in groups, and secondly, with this "private" page, we women can give our meeting and cycling destinations with a bit more security than just announcing on one of the local "list-serves".  Although we often have men ride with us, some of our group rides are just us gals.

I jotted a quick note on FB, telling my route, speed, and ETA to a good meeting place down the road ten miles.  That Spouse o' Mine already had cycling plans with another Saturday group, but my route meant that he and I could ride the first ten miles together.  This is always a pleasure on our weekends.
Off we went!  It was cold: 37º for the first four miles.  I don't think either of us realized that we would feel the chill through our winter gear...but we sure did.  I wondered if my cheeks would frostbite, and he would periodically sit up straight and put his gloved hands under his arms.

This is winter desperation, folks.  No snow to be had, and so, cycling, it is.

We got to the ten-mile mark, where we parted ways and I waited five minutes for any women to join me for my return trip.  Seeing no takers come round the bend, I turned my bike to head back home.  That's when two men came round the bend, and I knew them!  They are super-speedy, super serious about cycling and racing, and triathlons and such. And, super nice.  We exchanged quick chit-chat, and after they ascertained that I did not need any help, they sped off down the road.  ZOOM!

About a half-mile later, I passed them.  They had stopped to take off winter layers.  We chatted for only a moment, and I was off!  Maybe two miles later, they passed me again, and we laughed in our Saturday morning enjoyment of all conditions perfect: Saturday morning, few cars, rising temps, no wind, and lots of friends and acquaintances cycling on the road that morning.

Such a good way to enjoy Saturday morning.

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Louise Plummer said...

On the other hand, Tom and I walk the halls of our apartment building. Pathetic.

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