Saturday, September 19, 2015

Saturday (Isn't there a song?)

I thought there was a song called Saturday.  Is there not?  I went to Youtube, and I could not find anything I recognized.  But then...I realized that maybe my mind's text said Saturday, but my mind's tune said "Gloria" in whomever sang that song during Hurricane Gloria back in  1986?  87?  I need to give up on this mental thread...

What a terrific day today was.  Cool morning, so I took a 20-mile bike ride down the road.  That Spouse o' Mine went the first four miles with me, and then he circled back to meet his regular Saturday morning posse, who all ride way too fast for my enjoyment AND capabilities.  (You know: that Testosterone Posse?)  I rode the rest of the way by my lonesome, which seems to be a common occurrence anymore.  I did the same thing last weekend, in a group of about 600 cyclists. Yes, in a group that large, I managed to ride the lion's share of 32 miles all by myself.  The last, say, seven miles, I met up with three different riders who were very interesting, and nice.  I am not a fast rider at all, but somehow I managed to drop those cyclists and once again, I was by my lonesome.

After my bike ride this morning, I went about enjoying the cool morning (saints be praised) and spent the time outdoors, painting what will soon (I hope) be an installed wooden picket fence to my cutting garden.  I drained the dog's swimming pool.  I cleaned out the bike barn.  I spread hay and clay down by the creek where the soil is eroding.

I went to church this evening and sat with two couples with whom we share age, kids of same age, and life interests. That Spouse o' Mine opted out of evening church, even though it was HIS suggestion early this morning that we attend tonight.  This means he will go in the morning, I suppose.  Now he is out at the grill, cooking croutons and vegetables and salmon.

All-in-all, a terrific Saturday.


Louise Plummer said...

We have a children's song; "Saturday is a special day; it's the day we get ready for Sunday!" And so on. It has a boring little tune.

twebsterarmstrong said...

Ah! Your song:

My "ear worm":

I knew it would come to me.

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