Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Week in the Life of Me

I am bound for Colorado tomorrow, to begin a week's worth of holiday hi-jinks with family and friends, up in the snowy Rocky Mountains.

That Spouse o' Mine will follow a day later: he is thumbing a ride with daughter Claire and her huz, Rich, who are driving from Virginia.  (I know: they have airplanes in VA, right?)  But those two are married adults, and so I will keep silent about their travel choosings, since they are young and adventurous, except to roll my eyes on my own blogpost. hehehe...

I have offered up our home as an "overflow" for rancher friends down the road.  They are expecting large family from Chicago this week, and we have a vacant home... Please! Use our home, inhabit with lights and cars and humans!  With our neighbors using our home, the theft chance lessens.  (Although, with our good neighbors and our dogs, the theft thing almost goes out the window on any given day anyway.)

Our son and his girlfriend arrive into Denver and then Breckenridge on Thursday, as does daughter Gillian's new guy.  We have a nephew and his wife coming up this weekend as well.  Meeting us all at the Breck house is my sister's husband (my sister is deceased) and his second wife, whom we have all known for decades, and that seems quite nice and cozy.

All-in-all, a great time will be had for all, this week before Christmas.

I am excited.  I have Reindeer Games to coordinate.  I have delegated cooking to the younger generation. I love to cook!  But this is their chance to shine and enjoy, as it should be.  That Spouse o' Mine  and I are in charge of Breakfasts.  I am a protein breakfast gal (bacon, grits, & eggs,) and he is superlative in waffle and pancakes. 

We have Reindeer Games, Dirty Santa, The Christmas Story, Family Christmas, and Church all scheduled this week.  Also, the jigsaw puzzle, a Scrabble Tournament, and a Chess Tournament (all part of the Reindeer Games, I suppose.)

And where are those dominoes, by the way...?

Fa la la! ~

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