Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Backside of Ides

Here we are, surfing down the backside of the ides of the month.  I have packed away the Winter Paraphernalia tub.  The skis and poles are all paired and stowed.  I commenced the planting of clay pots out in the Brickhouse and noticed that tulips and daffodils are merely poking out a tip of their leaves - as if to put their toes in the water, so to speak, to check the temperature before they head on out into what may or may not be Springtime.

I had lunch with a friend today - the mother of my daughter's college (now: ex) boyfriend, also the mother of my son's best friend through school here in rural Kansas.  She and I get together a couple of times during the year, and we always have too much to catch up on, with six kids' history and news, as well as our very own.  It was a jolly afternoon.

After which, I went to the library.  I perused the New Book slots.  There was a title which caught my eye, and I pulled it out: something about doing something new each day for 365 days.  I think it was written by the author of the book about going to India after her divorce, which was made into a movie starring Julia Roberts...ah!  Eat, Pray, Love .  I did not read the book.  I hope it was better than the movie, and I was sorry that Julia Roberts spent her talent on that movie.

I really digress.  Whether or not THAT author wrote the book to which I refer, I am not sure.  This afternoon, I glanced through the book, and re-shelved it.  I do not want to sky-dive any time in the next 365 days.  But it had me thinking about the next 365 (because, really? NOW is the time to start a year-long improvement project, not on January 1st.)  I went online and Googled many options regarding "doing something new each day".  It gave me some ideas.  Some impetus.  I think one can grow really stagnant if one is complacent.  Especially here in rural Kansas.

And so, tomorrow I shall embark on a personal challenge to do one new thing each day.  It might be learning something, or experiencing something, or improving something that I have not acted on before...but I will attempt to enrich this body and soul by means of new n interesting things each day.  Stay tuned. 

(It may not be too interesting?  I'm not going to Madrid to fight a bull.)


Gill said...

You've got to make a daily record for each new thing!

Melissa G said...

How inspiring! Always learning, always growing. Have fun with your 365 challenge!

Louise Plummer said...

Elizabeth Gilbert wrote EAT PRAY LOVE and I didn't like the book any more than the movie.
What I DO like is Elizabeth Gilbert's TED's talk. I liked it so much that I had to cut her some slack for the book, which I hated. (I was definitely in a minority on that one).

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