Friday, February 28, 2014

Hiking weather!

Friday morning, still dark outside.  I am eager to see the sunrise and see what the weather is like outdoors.

Yesterday I emailed my friend Heidi and suggested a day hike on this, the one day in this fortnight in which we may have temperatures above freezing.  Yes, the temperature may be warmish (40*), but we are to enjoy some sort of precipitation as well.  The forecasters can't seem to make up their minds if it will come in the form of liquid or solid, and, if solid, whether it will float gently from the heavens, or simply pelt us and dent our cars.

And so I wait for daylight to plan my day.

My friend Heidi is not Swiss, and we have no mountains to speak of, so we will make do with the rolling hills of the Tall Grass Prairie:

 But here is some dandy hiking music for the morning coffee:    

1 comment:

Melissa G said...

Thank you for inviting me to join you in your hike today! It really was a beautiful day for a hike in the prairie hills.

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