Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fatigue All Around

I am tired.  I think "tired" is a good thing, in most cases.  In my case, it IS a good thing: I have been active and even over-active, and I think that, in itself is a good thing for a 50-something.

This weekend was so beautiful outdoors.  On Saturday that Spouse o' Mine left for his morning bike ride, and I mentioned that I was "going down the road".  What that means is I might walk and I might run and then I might walk again, as far as I like, and then home again.  Jiggety-jig.  Saturday, though, I decided to be a bit more disciplined, and I set my running watch on a one-minute timer.  I would walk a minute, run a minute, walk a minute, and so on, as long as I enjoyed myself, and then I would turn around and head back.  An out & back, in runner's lingo.

Six miles later, I arrived at our front gate.  And I felt pretty good!  Granted, I was tired the next day, but it was the "good" tired - like one feels after a full day of skiing or hiking.

I am tired today, too. This morning, way before dawn's early light, i hopped out of bed with a smile on my face, and a plan.  Plans...

I left the house just as soon as dawn reared its gorgeous head (today was a Thomas Moran pink of sky and clouds.)  I drove t the rental place where they rent all sorts of things: wedding tents, snow cone machines, and...



I was there to rent a boom lift for that Spouse o' Mine, on his 16th Day of Compulsory Unpaid Leave.

I worry that the fine folks of the U.S. of A. are forgetting the hundreds of thousands of federal employees who have not worked and have not received paychecks since September 30th.  Think of that: a young married couple who might both be federal employees, trying to make ends meet. Or a single mother trying to support her family.

Word on the street is that a Congressional agreement is in the near future.  That's a good thing.  May I request one thing of any American reader of this blog?  I don't care what party you are registered under.  I want you to remember this past month, and the coming winter months when Congress will again meet to discuss budget.  I want us all to REMEMBER - do not forget - the goings-on of your Representatives and Senators.  And then, come election time, I want you to vote with all your might to get the skunks out of Congress.  Puh-Lease.

OK - off my political ladder and onto my exterior paint ladder...

The boom lift!  And a new chainsaw!

Life is grand.

We had an hour left on our rental, and so we took the boom lift down the road to our ranch neighbors and changed a lightbulb for them.  And shared boom lift rides with them - that's how we do it in rural Kansas. (I was thinking...every middle-aged woman should have this skill.)

And now, it is dusk, I am exhausted, and I still have a task or two ahead of me.

#1. Dinner: Salmon, kale, and butternut squash (compliments of the ranchers with whom we enjoyed our boom lift rides...)
#2.  Letting the Bloodhound and the Bouvier out into the pasture and yard this evening to romp and mark their territory.  Because this morning, settling the boom lift in place, I came upon some fresh coyote scat right SMACK in the yard where our precious kitties spend their evenings.  (You just Google Image that is all I have to say.)

And so: I am fatigued.

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