Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A June Tuesday

This morning's 5:00 am lightning kept me in bed one more hour, and then, up for coffee and nowhere to go: not down the road on a run, not up on a ladder to paint...the pesky lightning just intermittently paid a calling card.

So at 7:00 am, I headed into town to get groceries - we were out of milk, which puts us coffee drinkers in dire straits.  I pulled into the giant (and empty) parking lot, and a sign caught my eye:

Roses - $2.00   

Really?  Six rose bushes and quite a few groceries later, I headed home to sunshine and began planting my roses.  (My rule is: Purchase only what plants you can put in the ground today.")   After the rose-planting biz, I put on my painting clothes (more on that later), and commenced scampering up and down and up and down the paint ladders.

Boy, am I having a fun summer.  Up, down, up, down, up, down.  It should be a mountain in Colorado instead of a ladder in rural Kansas.

My painting clothes?  I have 2 pairs of sweats cut off  just below the knee (not unlike a fetching pair of kicky capris, only they're not.)  A week into this "Let's Paint the House"- themed summer, I went to the Wal Mart and purchased a 6-pack of white cotton t-shirts for a princely sum of $8.00, and I am making good use of them each day.  My sweat-capris and white t-shirts have all sorts of paint spatters on them.  If I see a "drip" on the house, I catch it with my thumb (or hand, if it's a REALY big problem), and then I smear it across my sweats or shirt.  No rags needed for this painter.

Yep.  I am professional.  No doubt about it.

This evening I am making vegetarian quesadillas.  I have never made a quesadilla.  In fact, I am not sure I have ever eaten one.  I had to call daughter Gillian on Cape Cod to ask her about the structure of a dang quesadilla.  ("Dang Quesadilla" is something the college boy Graham ate last weekend at a local cafe, so he told me, and I think that is what planted this epicurial seed in my head.)  That Spouse o' Mine is off on a lengthy bike ride, and I hear the college boy Graham readying for a run (10 miles or so?), and that means I have a bit of time to figure out this dang quesadilla business. 

And time to get the paint off my hands.  By the way: the house is looking really nice!


Melissa said...

The house is looking FABULOUS! I love the color choice.

You've never eaten a quesadilla??? Oh, my, we have them a LOT over here, especially in summer. Such a quick, simple, tasty meal. Actually, that sounds good for dinner tonight. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

Gill said...

So how did those quesadillas turn out?

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