Sunday, January 01, 2006

Four and Twenty

Blackbirds are what I spotted while driving across the Viaduct. They were sitting on the sandbar which stretches across the Kansas River. There were lots and lots of blackbirds.

In the middle of the all the black, a much larger bird w/ a distinctive white head sat amongst his companions. Imagine that: a Bald Eagle...sharing the morning sun w/ all those little guys.

The next day Gill and I stood out in our yard, talking. I looked up. Suddenly I started an animated dance while pointing straight up and yelling,"Bald Eagle! Bald Eagle! Bald Eagle!"
Gill followed my gaze to the eagle flying low between our house & our barn. How fun that was! She & I ran around the yard, around the house, following the eagle as he circled our home. He was low. And big.

And those are two nice things I have enjoyed recently.
The End.

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